Friday, May 3, 2019

Awkwardly Adorable

I brought the chicks home only 3 weeks ago and they've already grown so much. Now, they are at the goofy, in-between stage where they have feathered out quite a bit, but still have some down left. Their personalities continue to emerge and they are definitely much friendlier.

 Cayenne. In every picture I take of her, she just plain looks pissed off. The oldest and biggest of the brood. She is a bit of a bully and I wonder sometimes if "she" might actually be a cockerel, especially with that comb development. Time will tell. Golden Laced Wyandotte, hopefully a pullet, possibly a cockerel.

Paprika. She is my cuddly bird. Seriously. She wants to be held or, better yet, sit on my shoulder so she can preen me. Pretty sure she would ride around up there all day if I let her. Golden Laced Wyandotte, hopefully a pullet.


Parsley (formerly known as Lavender). She is very shy and extremely difficult to get a picture of. I am fairly confident that she is a splash variation of the Blue Laced Wyandotte, most likely pullet.

 Marjoram (aka "Marjie"). Like Parsley, she is reserved but not quite as flighty. Much darker. At first I thought she was a black variation, but now I think she is actually a blue. Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, likely a pullet.

Rosemary (aka "Rosie"). She is the reddest of my BLRWs so far. She may also be a splash, but I'm not as sure with her. She's a little bit darker than Parsley, but lighter than Marjoram. We'll have to wait for her to finish feathering out to be sure. Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, likely a pullet.

 Coriander (aka "The Colonel"). His comb is starting to come in and he has become a lot bolder, but still no signs of meanness. Colorpack Easter Egger, almost certainly a cockerel.

 Colonel Coriander again, showing off his feathering and his glorious comb.

Cinnamon. A quiet but friendly girl. She looks different every day and I have no idea what her adult appearance will be. Colorpack Easter Egger, most likely a pullet.

Cinnamon again. She has gotten much braver since I added the raised perch, allowing her to come to me on her own terms.


Ginger, doing her cockerel imitation. She is actually just stretching up to check out the scary camera in my hands instead of treats. She started out as a ball of yellow fluff, then got a ginger head and now she is this marbled beauty. Colorpack Easter Egger, really hoping she is a pullet, but not as certain as I used to be. 

Clove. Another shy but very sweet girl. She has maintained her dark coloring even as she's feathered out and I am really eager to see what she becomes. Easter Egger, likely pullet.


 Clove and Ginger together. Ginger still doesn't trust the camera.


Nutmeg (aka "Meg"). Bold, outgoing, friendly but doesn't like to be held. I worried that the rust feathers on her wing might mean she is a cockerel, but more experienced chicken keepers seem to feel otherwise. Easter Egger, hopefully a pullet.


Nutmeg again. She was feeling especially photogenic this session and I had a difficult time picking only a couple of the great photos she gave me for posting.


Peppercorn (Formerly known as "Little Miss Poopy Butt." For some reason, my husband felt she needed a new name, so she got the name of his favorite spice.). Sweet, silly, bold, noisy. Altogether lovable. Has feathered feet. She is starting to want to be held as well. Dominant Copper (Black Copper Marans/Barred Rock cross), hopefully a pullet. 

Sea Salt. (Formerly known as Peppercorn, but the name fit her "sister" better) Also sweet and silly, but not as bold as Peppercorn. Adorable penguin face. Dominant Copper (Black Copper Marans/Barred Rock cross), likely a pullet. 


Salt & Pepper. See what I did there?


In a couple more weeks, they should be feathered out enough to go outside to the coop and run. It's happening so quickly!